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 What to Consider Bringing For Your Nursing Homestay

At this point, patients are often feeling nervous about the upcoming nursing homestay. The nursing staff is instructed to encourage these new residents to bring items that will help them feel at home. Some nursing facilities have a list of suggested items to bring from home, which can include pictures and other decorations, books and magazines, MP3 players, comforters and pillows, and earplugs (if they are sensitive to noise).

But it’s important to note that nursing homes are not the place for some items. These include large posters, bulky TVs, and microwaves; nursing homes may often be very limited in storage space. In addition, nursing homes have can’t be cluttered with too many personal belongings.

So what should patients bring from home? Small, personal items such as books and magazines, framed pictures of loved ones, and other decorations that don’t take up too much space.

Consider bringing hobbies from home you enjoy doing. Some great hobbies to continue or even start, include knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, puzzles, playing a musical instrument, or other activities that bring you joy and are therapeutic. You can also check with the center’s activities department to get an idea of similar activities that can bring you joy or aid in recovery.

Unfortunately, nursing homes can’t accommodate pets, so leaving a beloved pet at home is the best decision.

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