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    • Transitional Care
    • Long-Term Care
    • Respite Care
    • Outpatient Therapy

    Welcome to Woodlyn Heights Senior Living located in Inver Grove Heights, MN

    Welcome to Woodlyn Heights Senior Living, located in Inver Grove Heights, MN. Everyone who lives, visits and works at Woodlyn Heights Senior Living is treated with the same respect, compassion and dignity we’d all want for ourselves. That’s because we’re all in this together. Even though we have common goals, we know how important it for everyone to be accorded individuality, independence and choice.

    We are a skilled, compassionate community offering transitional care, long-term care, respite care, and outpatient therapy. Located conveniently off of 494 and 52, this community offers a wealth of programs and amenities to help you or your loved ones thrive and recover.

    Looking for more information about Woodlyn Heights Senior Living facilities? Check out Accura Healthcare’s latest blog below to learn more about what you or your loved one should bring with them for their nursing homestay.
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    Featured Services

    Planning Your Stay

    Plan your stay ahead of time with our post-acute recovery planning program. Our community will work side by side with you, your doctor, and your family to have your room and care plan ready for you ahead of time. We can also help you organize things like transportation, medication allocation, doctor visits, and even religious services. Learn more about steps our post-acute stay planning program by clicking on the button below that says “Learn More.”

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    Additional Programs

    Inspire Wellness For Life

    Our Comprehensive Wellness Program

    We believe addressing the whole person is the key to Quality of Life. Therefore, the following 7 dimensions of wellness are our important guiding principles:

    • Physical: Choosing to live a healthy, active lifestyle
    • Spiritual: Living with meaning and purpose
    • Social: Having daily interactions with others
    • Emotional: Being aware of and accepting feelings
    • Intellectual: Engaging in creative pursuits
    • Vocational: Expressing yourself through talents and passion
    • Environmental: Respecting and caring for our surroundings
    We Strive to Improve the Resident Quality of Life
    • Our community life is enriched through an array of well-rounded and multi-dimensional programming
    • Programs are driven by person-centered preferences
    • Our programs are developed through evidenced based research
    Our Primary Focus
    • Improve cognition
    • Decrease pain
    • Reduce falls
    • Reduce symptoms of depression


    Improving Resident Safety Through Development of High-Performing Teams

    TeamSTEPPS is an evidence-based teamwork system aimed at optimizing patient outcomes by improving communication and team skills among health care professionals. TeamSTEPSS includes comprehensive, ready-to-use materials and training curriculum to successfully integrate teamwork principles into any health care delivery system.

    Team Competency Outcomes


    • Shared Mental Model


    • Mutual Trust
    • Team Orientation


    • Adaptability
    • Accuracy
    • Productivity
    • Efficiency
    • Safety
    What contributes to a team’s performance and outcomes?
    • Leadership
    • Communication
    • Customer Service Rounds
    • Team Support
    • Team Situational Awareness
    Target Groups


    • Individual & Team Professional Development
    • Enhance Communication
    • Share information in a timely manner
    • Develop high-performing teams

    Residents & Family Members

      • Enhance Resident Safety
      • Improve Clinical Outcomes
      • Communicate Progress & Impact

    We value providing our residents and patients with a quality living experience as a member of our health care family. We know that high-performing teams communicate well together, enjoy their work, help one another when needed and are engage while delivering personalized, quality care to our residents.


    Hospice is philosophy that focuses on individualized care, quality of life and comfort for individuals living with advanced illnesses. Accura HealthCare strives to provide superior care through the end stages of life by partnering with hospice agencies across our organization. Because of these partnerships, our staff is able to provide support to our resident and their loved ones under the guidance of hospice agencies. Accura is committed to providing hospice care to our residents in the comfort and convenience of their own home with familiar faces caring for them along their journey.

    Therapy & Rehabilitation

    At Accura HealthCare, we offer outpatient therapy and transitional care. Transitional care is designed for those individuals who are recovering from a traumatic experience or scheduled surgery. We provide our patients state-of-the-art rehabilitation services and offer physical, occupational, speech and a wider array of specialized therapies. With a personalized therapy program that is designed to help each individual to succeed, we can accomplish our goal to get our patients back to where they call home as soon as possible.

    Outpatient therapy is a form of treatment that is offered to people who do not need to be in a skilled nursing setting on a continued basis. A number of therapies can be offered on an outpatient basis, including occupational, speech, physical, and post-surgical care. Many patients like this type of treatment because it allows them to receive necessary medical care while staying at home. It also allows the patient to live a relatively normal life, simply setting aside time to attend therapy sessions while working, spending time with family and socializing with friends.

    Our therapeutic equipment works in conjunction with traditional therapy practices to ensure that people succeed when they leave our community. This state-of-the-art equipment was designed for professional athletes, but then was tweaked to meet the needs of our senior population. Very few communities have invested in this technology, and we have found it to not only help speed the recovery of our patients, but it is a great non-pharmacological, non-invasive form of pain management.

    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy (PT) works to improve and promote optimal physical mobility. Often, treatment consists of exercise to improve strength, mobility training to improve transfer and walking skills and balance training to minimize fall risks. Services can also include modalities to assist with healing and pain relief such as ultrasound, hot/cold packs and electrical stimulation.

    Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapy (OT) works to improve and promote optimal activities of daily living (ADLs). Often, treatment consists of exercises to improve strength, ADL training to improve dressing, feeding and hygiene skills and cognitive training to improve safety awareness. Services can also include obtaining, applying and training on positioning and adaptive equipment.

    Speech Therapy

    Speech Therapy (ST) works to improve and promote optimal swallowing and communication skills. Treatment consists of assessing for and making appropriate diet recommendations, exercises to increase oral motor and swallow strength and speech and communication training.


    At Woodlyn Heights Senior Living, we are committed to ensuring our patients are engaged and prepared to succeed when they leave our community. We have integrated a state-of-the art solution called Engage that allows our staff to easily track the progress of each patient, provides management intelligence to our team, and ensures each patient has the tools, resources, and support necessary to self-manage at home.
    While providing the highest quality of clinical care is always forefront, we recognize that the ability to self-manage after discharge is dependent upon several key factors:

    We actively engage the patient and the family early in the stay.
    • Preparation for transition begins at admission.
    • The engaged patient takes an active role in their recovery process.
    We learn as much as possible about the patient, their prior living situation, and their expectations.
      • Having a clear understanding of the expectations of the patient and the family paves the way for productive communication.

    Closing expectation gaps to the greatest extent possible sets the stage for successful transitions.

    We listen to our patients ‘In the Moment’.
      • We use ‘In the Moment’ conversations during the course of each stay to listen to our patients while they are with us.
      • Their feedback gives us the opportunity to address any issues immediately so that by the time they leave us they feel well prepared to self-manage.
    We provide each patient with timely, relevant education.
        • Providing relevant education is a cornerstone for successful patient outcomes.
        • Engage’s Accelerated Patient Learning provides customized, patient-centered education paths.
    Upon discharge, each patient receives a customized, comprehensive set of transition instructions for managing their care.
        • The transition (discharge) plan is written for the patient and outlines a clear program to help them or their family members manage their care.
        • Patients are encouraged to take the transition plan with them to follow-up appointments with health care professionals following them after discharge.
    Active, ongoing post-transition follow-up with each patient is a priority.
      • We understand that follow-up after discharge is critical to our patient’s ability to successfully manage their own care.
      • We are able to connect with patients actively and provide early intervention on issues that may lead to readmission through Engage’s Continuum Manager.

    Medication Management

    Providing the best care possible!

    Our experienced team has been committed to quality improvement through innovation and alignment with our core mission. Listening and responding to the needs of our tenants and families is imperative to maintaining our commitment to quality care. One area of ongoing concern in healthcare is medication management—specifically medication errors, overuse, and thorough, quality review.

    In response to this need we’ve come together with pharmacy experts utilizing an affiliate organization to meet our needs. PCA Pharmacy will provide extensive benefits, with pharmacy services tailored to our processes, allowing Accura HealthCare’s managed and owned properties to provide you the best care possible.

    We understand that the 360 approach to healthcare is crucial for the best care delivery possible.

    Medication Therapy Management

    Our unique program

    According to the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, a pharmacist’s care resulted in reduced and avoided costs by “reducing drug expenditures, hospital admissions, length of hospital stay, and emergency department visits.”

    What is Medication Therapy Management (MTM)?
    • A face-to-face consultation with a specially trained Pharmacist, initiated by a change in medication, non-adherence, or ineffective medication therapy
    • Pharmacist reconciles medications to both physician order and diagnosis
    • A medication review of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications
    • Continuous medication monitoring by the Pharmacist, always checking for indication, effectiveness, and safety
    • Client education to ensure medications are taken properly
    • Pharmacist communication and follow-up with the physician

    Woodlyn Heights Senior Living has partnered with Recover Health to provide those that leave our community and go back to their home with Medication Therapy Management (MTM). What makes this program unique is its client centered, face-to-face approach. While most MTM programs are delivered via telephone or simply a chart review, our Pharmacist provides face-to-face MTM services in the client’s home environment. By engaging face-to-face, the Pharmacist will provide a more comprehensive service resulting in improved clinical outcomes for the client. When MTM is done in combination with our healthcare partners, we provide truly integrated healthcare.

    Compassionate Care to Live Life Encouraged

    Transitional Care & Long-Term Care can often feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.



    “Very compassionate care, clean facility, knowledgeable staff. Many thanks to the facility for helping our family at a very difficult time for us.”

    - Nicole Smith Happy Client

    “I have had the privilege of working with the director and nursing staff at Woodlyn Heights and can attest to the great care the team has for their patients and residents in their charge.”

    - Monica Hunter Happy Client