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    Shell Rock Senior Living, an Accura HealthCare Community, is a campus community featuring skilled nursing, long-term care, respite care, and The Meadows of Shell Rock assisted living. We provide individualized care for residents and patients to return to higher levels of functioning in a home-like, community-based setting. We have a family-for-life approach to care and are committed to being available for our residents and their families, when and where they need us.

    Our personalized and interdisciplinary approach to resident and patient care aims to maximize our residents and patients’ capabilities and quality of life. Whether you or your loved one is in need of short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, or an engaging assisted living community, Shell Rock Senior Living is your partner in care, family for life.

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    Care Options

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    Regain Quality of Life

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    Skilled Nursing

    Get Back on Your Feet

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    Long-Term Care

    Dedicated Assistance

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    Hospice Care

    Comforting Support

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    Repite Care

    Refresh and Recharge

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    Assisted Living

    Engaging and Supportive

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    Outpatient Therapy

    Regain Your Strength and Mobility

    Life Enrichment

    We have a commitment to maintaining an active and engaging quality of life for our residents. Our community provides daily routine programming, social and educational activities, and services to promote physical health, increase engagement, and help our residents thrive in a home-like setting.

    Therapeutic recreation is a key component of all of our care plans for residents and patients and this is why our community holds life enrichment as a high priority. Therapeutic recreation is a type of therapy that focuses on improving physical and mental health through active and enjoyable participation.

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    Partners in Care


    I have visited this nursing home many times and interviewed some residents. Everyone seems very happy. They have the freedom to walk around and exercise. Two residents are over 100 years old. Others are in their 90s and don't look a day over 80. They look better than some 60 year olds, and are up and about and fully cognizant and mentally aware. Residents keep up on current events, are busy with activities, and--it wouldn't be unusual to see someone over 100 chatting away on a cell phone. Obviously the health care center is doing something right to let these ladies maintain the lifestyle they love.

    Bethany Herr
    Google Review

    This place is amazing! My father-in-law was there for 3 weeks in skilled therapy. His therapy was top notch and he progressed so well. The entire staff was so helpful and friendly, I can't even describe in a review how wonderful the entire experience was. They truly went above and beyond to help with his needs and to help us with other needs that they didn't have to by making so many phone calls for us and finding information we needed for after his stay was over. We were even given a business card and offered help to any questions or needs after we left. My father-in-law actually didn't want to leave and said he would like to stay if he could. This is the best facility I've ever seen (clean, no smells, smiling staff, smiling and interactive residents, the list goes on!).

    Jen Engel-Brase
    Resident Family

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