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    Woodlyn Heights Senior Living, an Accura HealthCare Community, is a skilled nursing community offering transitional care, long-term care, and respite care. We provide individualized care for residents and patients to return to higher levels of functioning in a home-like, community-based setting. We have a family-for-life approach to care and are committed to being available for our residents and their families, when and where they need us.

    Our personalized and interdisciplinary approach to resident and patient care aims to maximize our residents and patients’ capabilities and quality of life. Whether you or your loved one is in need of short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, or a brief respite stay, Woodlyn Heights Senior Living is your partner in care, family for life.

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    Care Options

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    Regain Quality of Life

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    Skilled Nursing

    Get Back on Your Feet

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    Long-Term Care

    Dedicated Assistance

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    Hospice Care

    Comforting Support

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    Respite Care

    Refresh and Recharge

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    Outpatient Therapy

    Regain Your Strength and Mobility

    Life Enrichment

    We have a commitment to maintaining an active and engaging quality of life for our residents. Our community provides daily routine programming, social and educational activities, and services to promote physical health, increase engagement, and help our residents thrive in a home-like setting.

    Therapeutic recreation is a key component of all of our care plans for residents and patients and this is why our community holds life enrichment as a high priority. Therapeutic recreation is a type of therapy that focuses on improving physical and mental health through active and enjoyable participation.

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    Partners in Care


    In January of this year my mother was sent here for rehab. Due to having a stroke at home. She continued to have small TIAs which in turn made rehab in possible. She was than placed on hospice and moved to long term care. At first I did not always like the wait times when her call light was pressed. They were going through a transition, and as a few months went by things really turned around. My mother made some really good friends. The staff really cared about her and the family. My hat goes off to the executive director Micheal for the positive change. At first I had to be my mother's voice. I know there are reviews that has bad mouthed Woodlyn Heights. This is not fair to those that are living there or the staff. I see more smiles then frowns. My mother has sense past away a few weeks ago. I still visit and join in the activities with the other residents. Thank you Woodlyn Heights for everything you did for my mother. We were Blessed.

    Laurie Garnett
    Resident Family

    Woodlyn Heights Senior Living exceeded our expectations! My mother's rehab experience was exceptional. The therapy department's transformative approach truly worked wonders. The new management, starting from the top, has done an outstanding job. Having previously visited a year ago, we were amazed by the positive changes. The care, attention, and warmth provided by the staff were remarkable. We are immensely grateful for the top-notch care and support that contributed to my mother's remarkable progress.

    S. Larson
    Resident Family

    The staff here always gives me a warm welcome along with a big smile. A particular aide is also one of the best workers I have seen. They not only do their job very cheerfully, but you can find them doing extra work such as cleaning the floor ad walls. Employees like her and others are very rare and usually go unnoticed. They deserve a big bonus :)

    Jeffrey Pfeffer

    I see a few less than stellar [Google] reviews regarding Woodlyn Heights Senior Living. Almost all of those are from several months ago. Woodlyn Heights has acquired a new Executive Director named Michael. Michael works tirelessly at this facility to bring positive change. The facility is clean and I don’t worry about my Mother when my wife and I are not there. There haven’t been any problems getting my Mother her medication in a timely fashion. It is my opinion that Michael has worked diligently to change the culture of Woodlyn Heights. I also applaud the rest of the staff for their hard work and commitment to running a great facility. Another area I would like to point out for special attention is physical/occupational therapy both do an excellent job and my Mother will be able to come home soon. My Mother has been in several other facilities some good, some mediocre, and some that should be shut down. But Woodlyn Heights is definitely a place you can feel safe sending your loved ones. I would also like to note that when walking in I never felt anything but positivity which may mean nothing to most people. But I have walked into other care facilities and just felt an overwhelming pall of misery. I do understand such a feeling is not scientifically quantifiable but I think many of us have had bad feelings about certain places. I never have had bad feelings about Woodlyn Heights and neither my Mother or her family have had bad experiences at Woodlyn Heights. I highly recommend Woodlyn Heights for the facility it is now.

    Kris Sanchez
    Resident Family

    Fabulous, personable, and wonderful staff and facility! Highly recommend!

    Brad Langfus
    Google Review

    The staff that I've met so far are truly wonderful and caring people!

    Elizabeth Miller
    Google Review

    I'm a resident at this facility and I absolutely love it. The staff are extremely personable and I hardly ever have issues with them. I enjoy going to activities and have made lifelong friends with both the other residents and staff members.

    Brenda Draughn

    We felt very welcomed here. Staff was very friendly and informative. I would recommend this facility to others.

    Becky D.
    Resident Family

    As a professional in the healthcare field, I have watched this community have different teams. I will say that this is probably the best team they've ever had. They really care.

    Penny Free
    Google Review

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