Being true to our values is our highest aspiration

Accura HealthCare’s Quality Commitment…

Being true to our values is our highest aspiration. We take pride in providing the best quality services in the delivery of care. Quality is our top priority. Every decision made at Accura HealthCare takes into account the impact on resident and patient care and quality.

Our executive team at each location works closely with internal and external medical professions discussing our commitment to quality. Each location tracks and reports quality metrics both weekly and monthly. All facilities participate in a monthly clinical operational review with quality experts from Accura HealthCare’s Resource Center in Clive, IA.

We have made a commitment to participate in a national quality movement in long-term and post-acute healthcare. Call us today at 515-963-1125 for more information and to schedule a tour of our facilities.


Improve Organizational Success By:

  • Increasing staff stability
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Reducing unintended health outcomes

Improve Short-Stay/Post-Acute Care By:

  • Safely reducing hospital readmissions
  • Improving discharge back to the community
  • Increasing functional outcomes

Improve Long-Term/Dementia Care By:

  • Safely reducing the off-label use of antipsychotics
  • Safely reducing hospitalization

National Quality Award

The American Health Care Association and National Centers for Assisted Living have designed a quality award program to encourage continuous learning and help:

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of performance improvement systems
  • Validate and secure the links between continuous improvement, quality, and customer satisfaction
  • Link mission, goals, and customer expectations
  • Assess and maximize the organization’s strengths
  • Apply systematic approaches that produce consistent results
  • Receive customized feedback to drive change